Sep 27, 2021
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CROPLAN® LibertyLink® Spring Canola Is Here

Mark Torno

Diverse Field Crops Product Manager, Wheat, Canola, Sunflower

Field of canola against background of tree line and blue sky.
After several years of thorough research and development, I’m excited to share that WinField® United has brought two new CROPLAN® LibertyLink® spring canola hybrids to the market with more on the way. Hybrids will be available in limited supply through 2022 with expectations of unlimited supply in 2023.
Adding LibertyLink canola hybrids to the CROPLAN spring canola portfolio puts another option in your agronomic toolbox. The unique mode of action of Liberty® herbicide works well when alternated with the Roundup Ready® system in corn/soybean rotations to help you manage the weed resistance that can develop when growing only glyphosate-tolerant crops.
At the same time, the Roundup Ready and TruFlex spring canola with Roundup Ready technology canola hybrids in our lineup aren’t to be overlooked. They enable you to achieve strong control of tough grasses and perennial weeds like Canada thistle through the use of glyphosate products like Cornerstone® Plus herbicide.
Both systems have their advantages and utilizing them can provide some much-needed diversity to any weed management program. It all comes down to what fits best in your operation.
Here’s a closer look at our new CROPLAN LibertyLink spring canola hybrids and their characteristics:


  • Mid-maturity hybrid with strong yield potential and very good lodging scores.
  • Desirable shatter scores make it a good option for straight-cut systems.
  • Excellent disease package with “R” rating to blackleg and clubroot.
  • Clubroot resistance to pathogen types 2F, 3H, 5I, 6M and 8N.


  • Mid-maturity hybrid with excellent early-season growth.
  • High yield potential and very good lodging scores.
  • Cutting-edge shatter technology and very good lodging scores allows for straight-cut and harvest flexibility.
  • “R” for clubroot, blackleg & Fusarium wilt.
  • Second-generation “R” to clubroot races 3A, 2B, 5X and 2, 3, 5, 6, 8.

Ideal For Straight-Cut

As noted, both CP7144LL and CP7130LL have desirable reduced shatter scores. CROPLAN CP9978TF TruFlex spring canola with Roundup Ready technology is one of the only hybrids to score higher than this pair in the CROPLAN lineup, making these three products some of the best in the industry for standability and seed and pod retention. This means growers can experience the benefits of a straight-cut operation with valuable peace of mind at harvest.

Examining Response To Population

These CROPLAN® LibertyLink® spring canola hybrids were showcased at five Answer Plot® locations
this summer, and we’re running seeding trials to assess their response-to population (RTP) characteristics. We anticipate data from this year and previous years will help us recommend the best seeding rates.

New CROPLAN Packaging

Now that we have three different herbicide-tolerant traits in the CROPLAN spring canola lineup, we’ve changed the packaging to make them easy to identify and help you prevent any mix-ups when loading the seeder. We’ve added new tags and color coded our canola bags, which hold 50 lbs. of seed.
  • LibertyLink canola: Blue
  • TruFlex spring canola with Roundup Ready® technology: Black
  • Roundup Ready canola: Purple
We’re proud of our current CROPLAN spring canola portfolio offerings, but we’re also focused on the future. A number of promising experimental spring canola hybrid trials took place at Answer Plot locations this summer. If they perform as well as we hope, you can expect to see them added to our lineup in the coming years.
If you’re interested in getting your hands on some CROPLAN LibertyLink spring canola for your acres, contact your local WinField United retailer.
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