Dec 09, 2022
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New Traits for CROPLAN Corn Hybrids in 2023

Jeff Hartz

CROPLAN Marketing Manager

Stack of three CROPLAN corn seed bags.
Farmers looking for the latest seed traits and technology will have more management options in 2023 with new CROPLAN® corn hybrids. We have added nine new corn products – including two with SmartStax® PRO trait technology and three with Trecepta® trait technology – giving growers more management flexibility.

More Diversity For CROPLAN Corn

The nine new CROPLAN corn products for 2023 bring top-end yield potential, and the traits growers need most to help manage in-season pests. The products span 97-day to 118-day relative maturities, adding diversity to the seed lineup from north to south.
The two SmartStax PRO products, CP3715SSPRO and CP4652SSPRO, contain three modes of action to control below-ground insects, as well as durable control of above-ground pests. They are the first products in the CROPLAN lineup to include this cutting-edge technology.
The new Trecepta products, CP3852TRE, CP4516TRE and CP5893TRE, include three modes of action to control above-ground insects, including earworm, armyworm, corn borer and cutworm. These two new trait offerings bring a greater level of pest control and assurance to farmers and supplement CROPLAN’s already strong VT Double Pro and SmartStax corn hybrids.   
The latest class of CROPLAN hybrids have consistently high yield potential, but that’s not the only characteristic that sets this class apart. The goal is to find solutions that maximize the potential of every acre, no matter if the seed decision is part of an offensive or defensive strategy. Fortunately, the vast testing network of the Answer Plot® program provides diverse conditions to test new products and understand how they’ll work in very different environmental conditions and geographies. Those performance insights, combined with access to some of the industry's most diverse genetics and traits, allow us greater flexibility to bring the ideal seed solutions to farmers.

Corn Products To Watch

This new class of products will be available in limited quantities for 2023 planting, and retailers are encouraged to spread them around in sample quantities to as many growers as possible. Here are a few hybrids growers will be excited to plant in the coming years.
  • 97 RM, SmartStax Pro
  • Features three modes of action against below-ground pests, including RNAi technology for corn rootworm control
  • High-yielding hybrid that competes with later maturing products but retains low moisture characteristics
  • Versatile east-to-west placement
  • Strong tolerance to Goss’s wilt
  • 98 RM, Trecepta
  • Features three modes of action against above-ground pests
  • Extremely high yield potential on average to above-average acres
  • Ear flex to handle a wide range of planting densities
  • 106 RM, SmartStax Pro
  • Features three modes of action against below-ground pests, including RNAi technology for corn rootworm control
  • Versatile and stable hybrid that moves north well
  • Solid stalks and roots 

Success With A Total-Acre Approach

Seed is just one decision that affects profit potential. Your local CROPLAN retailer approaches the seed decision from a total acre standpoint. They bring access to data and insights to drive an entire acre management plan. This is the path to maximize the success of any seed investment.
We can identify specific management practices that optimize product performance through proprietary Answer Plot testing. For example, “response-to” scores help growers understand the most effective and efficient use of key inputs like nitrogen, fungicide and plant population for each CROPLAN hybrid. These in-season management tools help growers make better decisions and help drive ROI on every acre. It’s a level of intelligence other seed companies can’t offer.
Many CROPLAN retailers also have access to the Elite Rx® Program, which provides you with an agronomic plan, including products and ag technology recommendations, along with a service warranty to help protect a grower’s investment, manage risk and maximize productivity on every acre.*

The CROPLAN Difference

Several things set CROPLAN seed apart.  First, through proprietary Answer Plot testing, we generate a high volume of high-quality performance data. This means we understand how our hybrids will perform in a wide variety of environmental conditions, geographies, and diverse pest pressures. Simply put, we are uniquely positioned to deliver placement and management recommendations that are right for you.
Second, CROPLAN seed is only sold by the very best retailers in America. Growers only find the highest level of success when they are backed by local experts who understand all the complex interactions between seed and other inputs on that acre. When you plant CROPLAN varieties, you set your operation up for success and are better positioned to maximize ROI potential on all your acres.
Finally, because we are part of a farmer-owned cooperative, we keep the grower’s best interests in mind. We objectively scour the industry to find and create the best products to bring to your farm. We have a unique offering in the marketplace because we’re more independent than multinational brands but large enough to access products that make a difference for our growers and retailers.
As you plan for the 2023 season, reach out to your local WinField United retailer to learn about CROPLAN seed products that are a good fit for your acres.
*Agreement is required, and conditions, restrictions and service fees apply. Percentage goals for the approved yield range from 95–105% for corn and 95–100% for soybeans. Only available to corn and soybean farmers who enroll a minimum of 250 acres of an individual crop in the program. Due to factors outside of WinField United’s control, results to be obtained cannot be predicted or guaranteed by WinField United. Results may vary.
All photos are either the property of WinField United or used with permission.

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